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**UPDATE** Family, Friends and Fans…First and foremost we want to say thank you for your continued support. A month ago we released our debut album Americana Soul and you loved THANK YOU! We are about to enter into Phase 2 of this project. We wanted to make sure you guys would dig the music..specifically the songs and lyrical content. With that said, last month was the promo/demo release of the project in its RAWEST form, what we like to call “Naked”. Phase 2 is our full release of the “Get up” version of the album Americana Soul. We offer you this FREE DOWNLOAD..which is FULLY MASTERED.  The time is here…if you are family, friends and/or fans of Demetrius N Vince please share this download and LIKE our FACEBOOK/demetriusNvince page. Over the next 6 months lets see how many downloads we can get. We will still have RAW copies for those who want to add it to their collection but there are only so many left. If for some reason you can’t download the FREE RELEASE over the next 6 will be able to stream it or purchase it on all available music markets. Enjoy and thank you! PS…we made it into Huffington Post! Google: Demetrius N Vince Americana Soul…you will see what the critics been saying about the “RAW” content of the Album…Just wait until they write about our “MASTER” version of the album.