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Now that we have arrived, let's look at some important dates:

Sept. 23rd

Pre-Order the "Gemini" on Itunes and Google Play

Oct. 7th

The "Gemini" is here!!!

Oct 15th 

(The Show) Saturday Night YA'LL!!!

The Elbo Room-Chicago (Free Admission)

2871 N. Lincoln Ave

9 pm

The Road to Gemini!!

About Demetrius

Brown Liquor Only

Inspired by early R&B/Soul legends from the '50s - '70s, Demetrius grew up listening to records that captured not only the sound but the essences of an artist.  He cultivated his silky-smooth vocals in local bars and clubs in his hometown of Chicago. He perfected his signature brown liquor sound in New Jersey and in Manhattan, NY